Adoption Application

Adoption Policy

Before adopting a pet from HSMC, you must agree to the following,
Animals are adopted from HSMC:

Each potential adopter must fill out an adoption questionnaire providing such information as name, address, information existing pets in the household, landlords' name and telephone number (if applicable), personal references, veterinarian reference, authorization for release of information by the Veterinarian, and the reason for wanting the pet. HSMC shall review each application and obtain feedback from references and veterinarians.

Within 48 hours, the review shall be completed and approved or disapproved. However, if the potential adopter does not fully complete the questionnaire, the time frame for completion cannot be accomplished until the potential adopter provides the required information.

At the time of adoption, the adoption fee is required, cats are $75 dogs are $125
The adopter is required to sign an adoption contact acknowledging receipt of the pet and agreeing to care for the pet humanely and in accordance with all State and County laws pertaining to animals, including prohibiting an animal from running at large, dog licensing and rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats, and to comply with the deadline required for spay/neuter.
The terms of the contact also state that the potential adopter agrees that HSMC may examine and make inquiry about said animal at any time and if not satisfied with conditions, may require surrender of said animal.
HSMC will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness of any animal adopted from the shelter.

The Humane Society of Morgan County reserves the right to investigate new homes and remove the animal if it is not receiving adequate care, has been mistreated, or the spay/neuter requirements have not been met.

Prior to adoption, all cats are combo tested for FIV,leukemia; are up to date on their vaccines, including rabies and are de-wormed and de-fleaed. Our dogs are up to date on their vaccines, including rabies, de-fleaed and de-wormed- all animals are spayed or neutered if over 6 months. If under 6 months, we provide a $30 certificate towards the spay/neuter.

Before filling in the form, please review the Adoption Policy.