Help us “Raise the Woof”

When we opened our doors in 1978, the Bee Gees topped the charts, Jimmy Carter was president, and a gallon of gas cost 65 cents. Times have changed, but our buildings have stayed the same โ€” and they are falling apart. Our cat trailers and dog kennel have been patched up so many times, they are currently being held together with tar paper and hope.

We are urgently in need of an upgrade, and we need your help.

Your purchase of a commemorative brick will allow us to continue to house dogs and cats in need of homes. You can have them engraved with your own name, or use them to honor or memorialize a pet or animal lover โ€” and they will become a permanent part of our new facility. Order yours online now.

(Or print out this paper order form and mail it to us along with your check)

6 Replies to “Help us “Raise the Woof””

  1. We found a sweet young adult cat (or he found us). We already have 20+ cats and simply cannot rescue anymore. Can you take the cat in and try to adopt it out? Its ear is already notched so I guess it’s been spayed/neutered. Don’t know if it has a microchip or not — can you check?

    Also, one of our feral cats had kittens, so we’d like to catch her, her mate and the three kittens and have them spayed/neutered. Is there a spay/neuter clinic in the area? We’re fairly new around here.

    Thank you!

  2. Looking for a spay and neutering program low cost i live in Hancock md a kitten was dropped off and seams very nice want to have her spayed but funds are low would apprreciate any help

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